Custom business software for growing Australian companies

Vokke is a custom software development company based in Melbourne, Australia. Through our diverse team of professional engineers and analysts, Vokke strives to deliver the highest quality cloud based software to businesses throughout the country. From client portals to business intelligence dashboards, we focus on solving high impact problems.

Who we are

Vokke is a team of passionate and driven individuals from varying backgrounds. Growing quickly, the team continues to expand to include new skill sets and diverse expertise. Vokke's executive team can be seen below.

Jon Wellman

Jon Wellman

Product Manager (Director)

With a rich history of helping businesses and startups, a background in financial planning and a degree in pure mathematics, Jon brings a unique perspective to product management. From business analysis to user experience design and product commercialisation strategies, Jon will help to make your software a success story.

Adrian Grayson-Widarsito

Adrian Grayson-Widarsito

Head of Operations (Director)

Adrian's primary role is to ensure that Vokke is continuously positioned to exploit the latest trends in technology to enable business growth and opportunity. Adrian has an extensive history with software development and has been a founding member of previous entrepreneurial activities. Adrian has training in Cisco networking technologies, leadership in the engineering industry, and holds a Bachelor of pure mathematics.


Vokke's main office is located on Church street in Richmond, Melbourne. Situated inside the Spaceworks building, the culture here is truly one of a kind; unique interior design a hot-desk business lounge, freshly brewed coffee and a daily-stocked bar all add a level of culture to the Vokke workplace unmatched in most businesses. Who says work can't be fun?


We embrace the latest technology, practices and insights for every application that we build. Below is just a glimpse at some of the languages and technology we use.

Community and values

We have a deep passion for quality software that solves real business problems. We make it our mission to focus intensely on ROI and project success, and to only ever ship top-quality work. Just as importantly, we believe that a company should benefit more than just its customers. Here's why we get up in the morning.

Racial equality

We stand for a world free of racial discrimination and the right to a discrimination-free workplace.

LGBTQ equality

We embrace and celebrate the diversity of what it means to be human, and acknowledge the spectrum of difference among people.

Gender pay equality

In Australia, women on average get paid 18% less per annum. Vokke believes in a zero gender pay gap.

Environmental awareness

This planet needs to be shared with our children, too. That's why we believe in making environmental awareness part of our culture.

Mental health conscious

We believe fostering a deep understanding and acceptance around mental health is key to a healthy, enjoyable workplace.

Open source

The open source ideology is responsible for some of the world's greatest technologies, and we encourage the pursuit of freely licensed code.

P.S. Join us in our goal to help 250,000 people fight iodine deficiency in 2017.