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Here at Vokke we are all about empowering developers to solve problems and build amazing technology solutions. We understand that solving real, industry problems is at the heart of what it means to be a programmer.

We're after a full-stack PHP web developer

Full time position in Melbourne, Australia

We are after a full-time web developer to join the team and take a lead role in the development of web applications across various industries such as finance, healthcare, fitness and logistics.

As a senior web developer, you will be responsible for contributing to web development projects through the design and development of code, as well as the management of other team members. You will have a fluent understanding of Object-Oriented principles (OOP) as well as commonly used Design Patterns (GoF) and a high level of technical competence with PHP and Javascript. A solid understanding of Git, Unit Testing (PHP Unit) and common PHP libraries (Composer, Doctrine, etc) is required. In addition, it would be favourable if you have knowledge of a large single-page application framework in Javascript, such as Backbone, Ember, Angular or React.

What we're after

Highly regarded technical skills

  • Fluent in PHP (OOP, design patterns, common libraries such as PHPUnit and Doctrine)
  • Solid understanding of Javascript and common libraries (jQuery)
  • Strong understanding of web application architecture (REST, HTTP, etc.)
  • Knowledge of test-driven development and frameworks (Mockery, PHPUnit, Jasmine or Karma)
  • Understanding of automation tools such as Grunt
  • Experience with Github, Apache, Jira, Confluence, JetBrains PHPStorm, PHPUnit

Highly regarded interpersonal skills

  • Strong sense of work ethic
  • Clear communicator and fluent in English
  • A fantastic team player
  • Desire to solve complex problems individually and within a team
  • Ability to work independently and apply reasoned logic to technical situations

At Vokke, passion for programming is important. We'd love to see any projects you've contributed to or code you maintain.

What you will be involved in

Example software problems you'll be working on

  • Developing code to model and predict negative-gearing strategies in the housing market
  • Building scalable APIs that will run in Docker containers tolerant to failure
  • Integrating custom solutions with payment gateways, trading APIs and ERPs
  • Using the latest front-end technology to improve end-user experience
  • Architecting a software solution and guiding junior developers
  • Participating in design discussions and Domain Driven Design

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Please note that due to our security compliance all successful candidates are required to undergo a police check.

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